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Payments to Purpose

We build value-added products for consumers designed to drive card spend, engagement, and retention.

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We drive


Drive your credit or debit card portfolio top of wallet by gamifying the spending experience and building purpose into every transaction.




50/50 Sweepstakes where cardholders have the instant chance to win one of 1,000’s of prizes each time they make a purchase and Round-Up for charity.

Harness benefits

Increase Interchange

Build anticipation into each purchase as cardholders swipe your card to donate & win prizes.

Card on File

Incent recurring payments with extra chances to win, promoting card on file.

Card Activation

Activate inactive cards by making the first transaction a guaranteed win.


Control key mechanics of your campaign by setting odds to win more frequently.

Drive Average Ticket

Incent large purchases with extra chances to win.


The Harness Layer

Your card.

Your cause.

Your way.

Enable your cardholders to program their cards to work for them.

Built on card-linking platforms of the major credit card networks, our solutions stack onto any card, giving consumers ultimate flexibility while allowing issuers to launch new programs in weeks.

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